24 photos that show the importance of an awesome pose

A big change came in 1990 when the first version of Photoshop was released. This new program allowed photographers across the world the change to retouch the photographs of some of the biggest celebrities ever to create the image of perfection. Their wrinkles were removed, their body was made smaller, and some were even given different hair colors. However, now that Photoshop is frowned upon, more and more people are finding new and unique ways to alter their pictures and add little elements to their photos that just aren’t there in real life. They may have a thinner stomach, they may bigger assets, and they may even have the most immaculate makeup you’ve ever seen. So how do they do it?

Aaaaaand… breathe!

Although the world of Instagram modeling is incredibly different from the world of real-life modeling, there are still a few stipulations you need to take care of before you can make it big.

Most notably, many are expected to have a flat stomach. However, even the skinniest of models will never be able to sit down without having a few rolls hanging out – it’s just the way the body moves! Yet, one woman has found the perfect pose to stop these rolls from making an appearance. It’s all about the high-waisted skinny jeans.

The Instagram Queen

Let’s be honest, we all know that Kylie Jenner is the Instagram Queen. Yes, she may be young – but she totally rocks our Instagram timelines. One of the main reasons for this is because Kylie Jenner knows exactly how to work the camera.

After all, she’s been in front of one since she was just a child! However, these photos show just how much hard work goes into making these Instagram sensations. While she may look fresh and stylish in her Instagram photo, the reality is that she’s actually pulling some pretty uncomfortable poses on her balcony to snap a golden one for the ‘Gram.

The skinny dance

If you love your fashion and love to be up to date with the latest trends, you’ll know that the good ol’ skinny jeans will never go out of style. They hold in all of your wobbly bits, they look incredible on Instagram, and they look good with anything!

Smart? Casual? Skinny jeans have got your back! While we always see beautiful pictures of Instagram models rocking their skinny jeans, they coincidentally miss the skinny jean dance you have to do to actually pull those bad boys over your hips…

For the ‘Gram

Nowadays, Instagram users are under more pressure than ever to look the part and rack up the likes and love hearts on their feed.

However, this lady wanted to show the world that some of these seemingly perfect pictures are all about the poses – and that actually, we all have perfectly normal bodies! Although she looks like she has a washboard stomach with absolutely no wobbly bits, it seems this is all down to the stretchy pose. In reality, she’s still just as beautiful, just much more like the rest of us.


This woman obviously likes to showcase the fact that she lives a vegan lifestyle, and it seems she’s pretty proud of that fact. Veganism has become increasingly popular in the social media world, and so has showing off your… ahem, assets.

Nowadays, people work hard in the gym to achieve a perfectly plump posterior, and this woman seems to have it on Instagram. Yet, when she ditches the pose and stops pushing out her chest, her body isn’t quite as it seems.

Going for the push

To be a successful Instagram model, you really need to know your poses. After all, without pushing out your body and showing off what your momma gave you, it’s just another average selfie!

This model shows how just a simple change in your body movement can make you look completely different. You just gotta step on your tippy toes, push out your chest, push back your hips, and look down longingly at the floor. If you want, you can add a little arm move into the mix! That’s when the magic happens.

Photoshop perfection

Knowing how to take full-face selfies is one of the easiest ways to superstardom. With makeup tutorials and trends becoming increasingly popular, Instagram scrollers are looking towards their favorite Insta models for the perfect makeup tips.

The trick is to tilt your head just slightly, arch your eyebrows, and squint your eyes to showcase your epic eyelashes. However, it seems many Instagram models are also using their Photoshop skills to make their makeup pop even more. Is anything sacred any more? We think not.

Scaredy cat

Did you even go on vacation if you didn’t take an epic selfie on the beach? Nowadays, the race is on to snap the perfect shot of your vacation – and most of us spend more time with our cameras on our face than we do enjoying a bit of free time to relax.

Because people aim for the best, they often put themselves in dangerous positions. While this woman looks like she’s taking a cool photo of the rocks below, it seems the reality was actually a bit more complicated… and scary.

Queen Bey

Okay, we know this might upset a few fans in the Beyhive – but even the Queen Bey herself is partial to a fake Instagram pose. Beyonce is known for her epic hourglass shape, and we know that she has it in real life.

After all, this paparazzi shot shows us that she has the perfect figure! Yet, it seems she likes to amp up that hourglass every so often and does so by pushing her hips backward and pushing her chest forward. Well, it’s safe to say that it definitely works.

Day to night

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see Instagram stars advertising a certain piece of clothing – you know, like a lovely pair of checkered pants.

While we don’t doubt that these models do actually wear these clothes in real life, we can’t help but think that they wear these with casual and comfy knits in between Instagram shots. However, as soon as the bell chimes to take another selfie for the ‘Gram, they change the look entirely. They show off the bod, they show off the pose, and they show off the hair.

Inhale and exhale

Considering our bodily organs are pretty important, our body likes to protect them – which is why you rarely see people with perfectly flat stomachs. There may be fat there, there may be muscle, and there will always be layers of skin.

Because of this, you should know that these Instagram photographs of perfectly flat stomachs are normally as fake! Many Instagram models adopt the ol’ ‘Inhale and exhale’ technique, and simply hold their breath and squeeze in their stomachs to create this illusion. When they breathe out, it’s a whole different story.

A good ol’ knees-up

If you’re not blessed with ample cleavage, you might find yourself pining over the Instagram models who adorn your Instagram feeds. It’s not fair, right?

Well, next time you look at some of these models, you might want to think twice about what they really are packing underneath their shirts. Many use makeup to enhance their assets, others use push-up bras, and others tend to use their knees. In fact, they take advantage of the good ol’ knees up technique and create a whole new image for their followers.

Selfies with kids

Nowadays, mommy bloggers are becoming increasingly popular, and fans fawn over adorable pictures of a beautiful mommy with their adorable cherubs. As you look at their photographs, it seems as if you couldn’t get a picture any more perfect – and the picture on the left is no exception.

However, it’s fair to say that this was pure luck and lighting. Just two minutes after this photograph was taken, their bubble of perfection was quickly popped by a toddler tantrum. That’s what parenting really looks like right there!

Lady in red

When you scroll through your Instagram feed, it’s fair to say that 70% of your feed will consist of men frolicking on the beach, rocking a brand new swimsuit that looks absolutely incredible on them.

It hugs them in all of the right places, their legs seem to go on for days, and their hair looks slicked and perfect – even though they’ve just come out of the water. So, how do they do it? Well, rather than standing straight on, it’s all about pushing one leg forward.


Is there anything more romantic than taking a fire emoji selfie with your boyfriend or girlfriend? We think not. If you’re both expert posers, these selfies can really go down in history – just like this one.

From the perfect head tilts to the epic smizes, this selfie has it all. Yet, this really is just down to the poses. Although these two are incredibly attractive in real life, the photo below seals the deal and shows just how attractive they really are on a normal day.

Just waking up

If you’ve ever found yourself stalking a celebrity’s Instagram page, you might have noticed that they just love to post a selfie of themselves at the start of the day, just after they’ve woken up.

They seem to have flawless skin, perfectly plucked eyebrows, glossy lips and more – and they’re still in bed. How the heck is that even possible? Well, we have a feeling it’s not. This lady has got it right, there’s much more pimple cream involved in these kinds of scenarios, and these celebs have nada.

Getting fit

You can almost guarantee that as soon as January 1st comes along, your Instagram feed will be full of people taking selfies in the gym, posting their healthy dinners online, or even just surrounding themselves with a heck load of health.

While this normally lasts for a few days and racks up a huge amount of likes and comments, things start to change by January 3rd. The broccoli is gone, and the yoga pants have turned into plates for your meal of chocolate and ice cream. Mmm, yummy.

The fake Chris

Although we’ve seen numerous female celebrities alter their fake Instagram photos with a perfect pose, it seems as though it’s not all about the ladies. In fact, the men are guilty of these photo faux pas as well!

While we all know Chris Pratt from his various red carpet appearances and his epic journey as the Star-Lord in the Marvel movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris has also showed us that a pose really can make a difference when it comes to your appearance.

The hair trick

There are some people on Instagram who just seem to ‘get’ which poses work for them and which don’t.

Not only has this Insta star utilized the ol’ push-your-leg-out pose, but she has also discovered that standing to the side will make her waist look even skinnier, and her assets even bigger! Yet, it doesn’t stop there. This woman has also discovered that by tying your hair up into a high bun, it will show off that body you’ve worked so hard to perfect on camera.

Hiding it all

Because the world expects us all to have Kim Kardashian derrieres, most people have now mastered the art of making their you-know-what look even bigger than it is. It’s simple.

However, this woman has taken this perfect pose to the next level and incorporated her hands into the mix – because in the first picture, she has made a rookie error. If you want to hide the size of your arms, never take a photograph with the arm furthest away from the mirror – as this will make it look even bigger than it is.

Post workout selfie

Going to the gym is just like going on vacation. If you don’t take a selfie, it didn’t happen! There’s now competition on selfies to create the perfect post-workout selfie.

You aim to be just sweaty enough to create a healthy glow, but your face can’t be like a tomato. It’s a tough job – and we all want to be bombarded with comments from friends saying, “Omg, how do you look so good after a workout?!” Want to know the secret? They take the selfie before their workout…

The side stance

If you want the first rule of perfecting an Instagram pose, you need to adopt the side stance. Yes, just think of this pose as the CD disc. If you look at the disc straight on, it’s going to look large and round.

If you look at it from the side it’s as skinny as anything – and that’s what most of the world want to showcase on their Instagram page. However, perfecting this stance is pretty difficult, and your sideways stance needs to be more diagonal than anything. Can you perfect it?

The standing trick

When you stand up, you stretch out your body and your stomach. When you sit down, you scrunch it together. Everybody’s body does it! Because of this, most of us get rolls on our stomach when we sit down – and we’d be pretty worried if we didn’t.

However, society frowns upon pictures like those on the right, and Insta famous models will rarely take pictures of themselves sitting down for that very reason. If they can stand up, they can look skinnier. It’s their trick.

Size doesn’t matter

Nowadays, we live in a world where size supposedly matters, and what you look like means everything. It’s become a social norm to be as skinny as a rake, and models who work in the fashion world are considered ‘plus-sized’ if they wear anything that is bigger than a size 8!

However, one Instagram model wanted to show the world that size really doesn’t matter – as most of the time, you can barely see the difference between these sizes. In fact, this Instagram selfie shows just how similar two completely different sizes can make you look. All you need is a good pose and some funky yoga pants, and your gym selfie will be amazing no matter your size…