Why being a celebrity isn’t as amazing as you might think

We’ve all imagined what it’d be like to be rich and famous, but that doesn’t mean our imaginations are close to actual reality. Sure, it would be nice to have lots of noughts sitting in the bank account, and yes, who doesn’t want a pool in their backyard and a walk-in wardrobe full of designer clothes? However, one thing’s for sure – being a celebrity certainly comes with its downfalls…

The constant herds of paparazzi

Probably the worst part about being a celebrity is the paparazzi who’ll continuously be on your doorstep. No matter where you go or what you do, a hectic herd of flashing cameras will always be following you. That’s undoubtedly a headache that no one wants to encounter every day. Crazily enough, paparazzi followings are 100% legal. How does it not count as harassment?

Why being a celebrity isn’t as amazing as you might think

The pressure to ‘not mess up’

When you’re in the public eye, millions of staring and judging eyes are on you – analyzing everything you do or say. That’s a lot of pressure! We are all human, and we all make mistakes, but when your mistake is made in front of the whole world, that mistake gets a whole lot worse. This pressure to ‘not mess up’ has certainly got more intense in recent years, especially with social media and cancel culture.

Who can you trust?

When you’re suddenly catapulted into a whirlwind of fame, fortune, and lots of money, the lifestyle you had before can feel like a million worlds away. Things will be different, so does that mean your groups of friends will change too? When you have money in the bank, your circle of trust can be broken down, so it is likely that you’ll lose some betraying friends along the way. Will old pals come snooping back now that they know you have money? Will people try and take advantage of you?

The fear of crazed stalkers

It’s not just the masses of paparazzi following you, you’ll likely have herds of crazed fans too. Although celebrities often say that meeting fans is the most rewarding and heart-warming part of being famous, this parasocial relationship can all too easily become obsessive, neurotic, and far too intense. In the last century, there’s been plenty of different incidents where dangerous stalkers have come too close to comfort, and this is a common worry for someone in the public eye. You never know who may be lurking outside your front door!

The falsehood rumor-mill

They say that your private life is something you’re forced to compromise when you become a celebrity – but is this fair? Celebrity gossip can get far too invasive! Although you can always set things straight in a truthful interview, stars still have to wake up to new false rumors about themselves that are simply not true. Gossip magazines and tabloid newspapers find it far too easy to make stories up or twist the truth to their advantage.

Why being a celebrity isn’t as amazing as you might think

No private down-time

Although some celebrities such as reality-TV stars have built their entire careers around disclosing their personal lives to the public, other famous figures find it hard when their private lives are found to be more important than their artistry. We’ve watched plenty of awkward interviews where actors or actresses promoting their new movie have gotten irritated by journalists unnecessarily diverting the topic of conversation to their love life instead.

Do you still want to be rich and famous? The chances are you probably do, but the more you think about it, the more you come to realize that not everyone’s lives are perfect…