Top 5 ways to soothe your winter cold

Winter is great for all those frosty starts and snow days, but there’s one thing that many of us could live without: a cold. While it might seem like just a runny nose and cough, this illness can soon put a dampener on all our plans. Thankfully, here are the top five ways to soothe your winter cold and get you back to full health.

Keep hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is one of the best ways not only to soothe your cold but to help flush it out as well. Getting sick means that we can quickly become dehydrated which, in turn, can have several health effects of its own. Water is the best option while adding lemon could help to boost your immune system. Warm drinks, such as herbal teas, can also help to relieve congestion, but coffee and sodas should be avoided.

Clear your throat

Has all that coughing left you with a sore throat? Perhaps you’re feeling congested? Gargling with salt water is a great way to ease any symptoms you might be feeling as well as loosen anything caught in your throat. Anesthetic throat sprays or lozenges can also help in the meantime and give you some much-needed relief from your symptoms. If all else fails, sucking on ice chips can be a stand-in.

Relieve aching muscles

Having a cold can often leave us feeling as though we’ve been hit by a truck. When will this ever end?! Although pain relief medication can help to relieve some of the symptoms, a hot bath or shower can be a more relaxing option. The steam in the bathroom will help to ease any stuffiness that you might be feeling while the warm water should help to release tension in any aching muscles.

Stock up on soup

It looks as though grandmas everywhere have been right all this time: chicken soup really can help us recover from a cold. Research has shown that the ingredients in the soup have anti-inflammatory properties which can help to ease a whole variety of symptoms from our cold. Plus, some claim that chicken soup can help to relieve aching muscles. To top it off, soup is easy to digest meaning that our body can use the energy to fight our cold.

Get into bed

Some people feel as though they need to battle through a cold. Others want to head straight to bed and stay there until they are back to full health, but who is right? It seems as though we should be diving under a blanket after all. Our bodies need to put all of our energy toward fighting off the illness and not worrying about making the CrossFit class. Instead, it could be time to catch up on those boxsets until we’re feeling better.

Sometimes, it seems that no matter how much anti-bac hand gel we use, we still somehow catch a cold. Thankfully, the top five ways to soothe your winter cold should see you back to full health in no time.