Ideas for a low-budget date

In this day and age, going on dates is one of the most exciting parts of our lives and it is something that might be a very common occurrence when just starting with the dating game. Dates can be stressful, fun, and can leave you feeling spoiled, but one thing it definitely is not, is cheap. For those of you just starting out in life and those who do not have the capital to spend heaps and heaps on dates, keep reading because this is for you!

Cook together at home

Cooking at home is much cheaper than going out for dinner. It also gives you the opportunity to work with your partner on something and to be creative together. You can also share some cooking or baking tips with each other and help to improve each other’s skills in the kitchen. If you really want to impress the people in your life, invite a few friends or family members over and spoil them with a lovely dinner.


Look for the specials

Always be on the lookout for a good special. Some restaurants have a happy hour before 5 pm, where there are crazy food and drink specials. Otherwise, look for specific food specials. Many restaurants have specials on their slow days, like on Wednesdays for example. Going out on a breakfast date is also quite smart as this is often the least expensive meal of the day.

Game night

This is especially fun if you invite some friends over. Everyone can bring some snacks of their preference. If you prefer spending the night alone with your significant other, this is the perfect way to have fun with them and learn some of their strengths and weaknesses!

At-home spa

Grab some candles, a towel and body lotion or oil, and give each other a massage. This can be incredibly relaxing and sensual. Have a relaxing bubble bath and give each other foot massages. Some couples face masks can also be found at good prices, and will leave your face feeling very refreshed.

Be active together

You can do this in so many different ways. Grab the bikes out of the garage and go for a relaxing ride around the neighborhood. Some couples even go to the gym together or do couple’s training sessions together. Hikes or picnics are also wonderful to do and can be done very cheaply if the food is prepared at home in advance. Bowling is quite affordable, and many bowling alleys have specials during the weekdays, so look out for those. Arcades are fantastic and oftentimes they also have activities like ping-pong or pool available, if you do not want to spend too much money on acquiring tokens.


Take a class together

Learn a new skill with your partner. There are so many affordable classes available nowadays. Learn how to cook or bake a new dish. Some barista courses teach you how to make that perfect cup of coffee and they will even show you how to decorate it too.

Do a project together

Build a new house for your pet or paint a room. You can even do some work in the garden like plant a few rose bushes together, this means you will have an unlimited supply of roses from your loved one. Not only is it very enjoyable but it is great to have something to show off at the end of the day too.