Charcoal is the new black: is the health and beauty trend right for you?

Back in the day, our ancestors used a good ol’ bar and soap to make themselves as clean as possible. They gave themselves a shower once a month, and brushing their teeth was a luxury only a few could afford. Yet, it seems as though the world has since jumped on the health and beauty bandwagon because more and more companies are using new ingredients and products within their beauty regimes. Some of these trends include weird and wonderful products, and the most recent trend includes a product that you normally use to perk up your fire. Yep, this is the charcoal trend. But is it right for you?

Activated Charcoal for Teeth Whitening

If you’ve been on Instagram lately, there’s a high chance that you’ve seen at least one celebrity endorsing a charcoal activated toothpaste that is meant to turn your dodgy dentures into pearly whites. It’s meant to make your teeth smile, and it’s supposed to clean them so that they are as good as new. But does it really work? Well, kinda. Over the course of history, indigenous tribes in South Asia and Africa have used charcoal powder to clean their teeth – and it seems to do the trick. However, there is no modern scientific information to back up this claim. In fact, many experts believe that the rough texture of the charcoal could actually harm your gums and wear away your enamel.

Activated Charcoal for Face Masks

We’d recommend that you don’t use charcoal on your teeth because of its rough texture, but it seems as though this is exactly what your face needs. After all, it’s always good to exfoliate! Yes, a charcoal face mask attracts all of the impurities in your skin and pulls all of the dirt, gunk or oil away from your pores and into the mask. This is why many dermatologists suggest that you use charcoal face washes, face masks, or exfoliators on your face that contain this activated charcoal because it’s the perfect face detox.

Activated Charcoal Water Purifier

You may be wondering what role charcoal has to play in your drinking habits, but it seems as though it should definitely play a huge role in it! If you buy a carbon filter for your water, you will actually see and taste a huge difference in your water. This is because the charcoal removes all of the impurities in your water without proving harmful to you or your body. All you need to do is stick the carbon filter into your water, and it should be able to do the job for around 4 months!

Activated Charcoal Air Purifier

Although a block of charcoal might not look like the cleanest thing in the world, it does have its uses. In fact, activated charcoal air purifiers are becoming much more common because they are a natural way to remove bad odors and toxins from the air around you. There’s no need for harsh chemicals or fragrance sprays because the charcoal just sits in the corner and does its thing. That’s one of the reasons why charcoal activated underwear is now a thing…

Activated Charcoal Cocktails

If you’ve been in a bar recently and wondered why they were offering charcoal cocktails, it’s because this trend is taking over the world. The health and beauty gurus of the world have noted that charcoal has a few uses, so people everywhere have started to incorporate it into their lives. In this case, many bartenders claim that putting charcoal in cocktails actually prevents you from having a hangover. Want to know something? This just isn’t the case! While there are many foods that can stop your hangover from being so bad, drinking a charcoal cocktail is not one of them.

Charcoal is the new trend on the scene, but is it really worth it? Well, it seems there are some benefits of this trend, but there are other ideas that just need to be left outside in the cold…