How to jump rope like a pro

Jump rope is a skill that many people learn when they’re very young in the playground and then forget as they get older. It’s a shame so many of us neglect this very simple exercise because it’s one of the best workouts you can get. Jump rope is a staple exercise for professional boxers, and here are some tips to get you jumping like a pro in no time.

Whole body workout

The best thing about a jump rope exercise is that it is a complete body workout. It’s the sort of workout you can squeeze into your very busy life as in a matter of minutes you’ll be breaking into a sweat. Jump rope is great for cardio, but it also helps to build strength all over your body. You might be wishing you’d kept it up after gym class but don’t worry, we’ll get you back jumping on the spot in no time!


Picking a rope

The first decision you’re going to have to make when it comes to learning to jump rope is the kind of exercise you’d like to do. Typically there are two types of jump ropes, ones built for speed, which improves your cardio, and ones are heavier that focus on building strength.

The thinner ropes are designed to move faster through the air and therefore make you sweat a lot more. Thicker ropes will give you the added bonus of building up strength as it takes more effort to move the rope through the air.

Fitting your rope

Once you’ve chosen what type of rope you’d like to use, you need to make sure it’s the right size for your body. There is a quick and simple method to measure jump ropes to ensure they are exactly right for your height. After all, you don’t want the rope to be too short and making you jump miles in the air to get through it.

After choosing a jump rope, the best way to measure it is to lay it on the ground and stand on the middle of it with your right foot. Then you gather both handles in your left hand and bring it to the right-hand side of your body. Beginners will want these handles to come up to their right shoulder. There should be six inches of clearance above your head when jumping.


Keep your posture

As with many exercises, there is a right way to do them, and that’s the same for jump rope. Most beginners tend to use their arms too much when it comes to using the jump rope, but the secret is all in the wrists. All you need to do is more your wrists in small circles to keep the rope swinging over your head, just keep your thumbs on top of the grip.

Ensure you don’t grip too tightly and keep your elbows close to your side while ensuring the handles remain parallel with the ground. Keep your feet close together and always jump on the balls of your feet to ensure you’re ready to lift off at all times.

Focus your eyes straight ahead, not on the ground, and keep your back straight. Finally you don’t want to be jumping too high, otherwise you’re not going to keep up a good rhythm, so only try to jump a couple of inches off the ground.

Jump rope is one of the most rewarding exercises you can do. If you’re looking for a routine to go with your new favorite exercise try this on for size. Jump quickly for three minutes then slow things down for a minute, before stepping things up again for another three minutes. This replicates what boxers do as it’s like doing a round, then having a break before getting back to the action.