The top 5 affordable designers you should know about

There are numerous designers in the world who create amazing outfits for both men and women. They can range from the famous Italian and French designers to Chinese and English designers. However, these brands are often expensive. According to an online poll done in 2017, consumers prefer more affordable designers to the more expensive ones. This has led to a growth in designers who create quality, durable outfits but at a lower price than the biggest brands on the market.The big brands have taken notice, and many have reduced the prices of some of their goods.

Here are some of the best affordable designers that you should know about.


The first affordable designer we will review is Nanushka. It is sometimes confused for a Japanese designer because of its name, but brand is actually based in Budapest. Nanushka produces croc-stamped bags and leather jackets that have grown in popularity around the world. The prices for most of their products range from $250-$500, which is much cheaper than what most labels offer.

Stine Goya

Second on the list is Stine Goya, which is based in Copenhagen, and mainly focuses on creating products for women. Their clothes are vibrant, with rich color palettes that entice anybody who sets their eyes on them. Their wedding dresses are among the most sought out, and at a retail price ranging from $200 to $400 it is easier to see why they are popular.


Staud is a designer brand based in Los Angeles, and since its formation it has taken the market by storm. Their main products, the bissett bag and the plant pot-style bucket bag, were received well by many consumers primarily in the U.S. They also create summer dresses for ladies that are made from sturdy fabric and contain beautiful colors. At a retail price ranging from $150-$350, Staud is an embodiment of affordable and stylish products.

Rixo London

Fourth on the list is Rixo London, which was launched recently in 2015. This designer has taken the market by storm, and were even invited to showcase their items at the London fashion week. Rixo London has also been included on several lists of favorite brands to purchase. Their items, which include printed dresses and blouses, have registered amazing sale numbers in recent years. At a retail price ranging from $100 to $400, their meteoric rise has not come by chance.


Lastly, is Ganni, a brand that needs no introductions to fashion lovers thanks to their colorful mohair jumpers. Ganni was launched in 2000, and has developed exponentially since then, with their products among the most sought after on the market. Ganni is based in Denmark, and their products are primarily meant for ladies. At retail prices ranging from $100 to $300, they have the cheapest products in the market. What is more amazing is that many Ganni products are ranked above products produced by most prominent (and more expensive) brands.

These five brands offer customers goods that give them great value for their money. What’s more, they strive to do better which each new product they bring to the market. Though there are many cheaper brands, their products are often substandard or not durable. If you are looking for an affordable and high quality outfit, search no further because these five brands will leave you satisfied.