Freelance jobs to do at home

Some people love the idea of getting up in the morning, going through a whole routine, and heading out to their separate office space. Others are not as excited about the idea. With the advancements in technology and the ability to perform tasks remotely, the question is being asked more and more – why not work from home?

The beauty of working from home is that it allows you to manage your time more personally into your schedule. Plus it saves on gas (which is also good for the environment). The downside is that it may be more difficult to convene meetings or that you may not have access to certain tools you need.

Not every job can be done from home. But here is a short list of some of the best freelance jobs you can do from the comfort of your couch (or at your home desk if you care about your back).

Freelance jobs to do at home


If you are passionate about a topic and love to write, then write a blog. It gives you a wonderful creative outlet, and the best part is that people will pay to hear your story. The key is getting sponsors or advertisers who pay based on the number of people who visit your page. The more interested people are, the more money you get.


Do you know another language, or another two languages? Well, if you know them confidently enough, there are always people looking for documents to be translated. The options are endless in terms of the types of documents you might receive, so the work can be quite varied and interesting


If you prefer to keep things in one language, but still have a knack for typing, you could consider being a transcriber. Essentially what the job entails is typing out sound clips or videos. Make sure you have a good ear and quick hands though!

App development

This might be one of the most exciting and fastest-growing fields of freelance work. Everybody needs an app for something these days. You don’t necessarily need to have studied for many years to develop an app – there are online courses and tutorials that enable just about anyone with a computer and a sense of perseverance to do it.

Online tutoring

If you have a ton of patience and a passion for spreading knowledge, you can earn big time tutoring a student or a bunch of students online. The lesson might be through a video and voice interface, or by making didactic videos for students to watch. It can be a really enriching way to earn money because you directly get to enhance a person’s life and educational career.

Freelance jobs to do at home

Graphic design

If you’re more on the creative side, then do some graphic design from home. Companies are always looking for logo adjustments or flyer layouts. You may need to meet with your clients occasionally to see their reactions and suggestions face to face, but the vast majority of your time can be spent doing what you love while listening to your favorite music in the background.

Customer service representative

Why do customer service representatives have to go into crowded call centers, sometimes in the dark of night to deal with customers they don’t even see face to face? That’s right, they don’t. If you have a calm and patient voice and a head for problem-solving, then why not simply deal with the calls from home? With the technology available today, not only is it possible, some companies are even making it their policy!